Missed Game Sessions

Missed game session will work as follows:

Since this will be a four person party; everyone being available for the session is important. If the party is about to take on a difficult encounter that requires the full group to be present we will most likely skip that session. In the event that the party is able to proceed short one member the following applies:

If you inform me ahead of time that you will be missing a gaming session ahead of time you will get full XP for the session. Loot will be determined by your party. If this becomes a regular habit I will probably knock that down as this isn’t meant to be a cop out, but to be there for the casually missed games that are bound to happen.

You have one missed game where you fail to inform me and you will get full XP for the session, loot will be determined by the party. Shit happens after all.

If you miss another session without informing me you will only get 85% of XP, then 70%, then 55%, and then 50%. Additional missed games will be at 50%, although honestly you’ll probably get it by this point. I will leave it up to the party what to do about loot, but strongly encourage them to not split it.

Basically, just let me know and its pretty much all good as long as its not a habit. Thanks!

Missed Game Sessions

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